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 JD Marty Arts and Woodworking

Exclusive works of art and woodworking

Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

Hello, we are small company, really small, just husband and wife doing what we love the most...creating and sharing unique art and exquisite woodworking items with those who would appreciate it.

We named our company after our first names (we know, very original :). J-stands for Julia, who is an artist and a "part time" wood turner and D-stands for David who creates just about anything from wood with the precision of a surgeon which he in fact is .

Payment Methods

Personal pick up within appropirate distance

- Offline Payments

Privacy, Payments, Returns

In order to protect your privacy we accept PAYPAL only.   Shipping and handling in the continental U.S. is $14.95 which will be added to your purchase price at checkout.  Heavy or larger items or special orders may be more and we will discuss this with you.  Returns are accepted within 15 days of your receipt of the item.  Your PAYPAL account will be credited when we receive the returned item in original condition.  YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SOLD OR SHARED.  WE RESPECT YOUR ABSOLUTE PRIVACY.

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