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                  JD Marty Arts and Woodworking

            Exclusive works of art and woodworking

Doing what they love!

Julia and David Marty are proud to announce the availability of their artwork and woodworking projects for purchase. As proud parents of rescued fur babies Charlie and Nikki, their two adorable chihuahuas 20% of profits will be contributed to local shelters. Artwork in acrylic, modern oil paintings, original oil paintings, epoxy resin pourings as well as woodworking items such as turned bowls and candlesticks, manufactured boxes, fly-rod stands, serving trays and beautifully crafted furniture pieces are currently available. More items will be added to the collection on this site as they become available. Some are already sold but we thought you should see them anyway. Commissioned projects such as portraits and personalized woodworking will be considered as well. You can buy oil paintings, affordable original art and see our woodworking items and ideas in our shop. Please, get in touch with any questions or requests. 

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